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Innovative Focus on Natural Mountain
Herbal-Flavored Cheese by Protecting Traditional Methods
Geleneksel Yöntemleri Koruyarak Doğal Dağ Bitkisi Aromalı Peynir Üretimine Yenilikçi Yaklaşım

Proje Çıktıları

The main outputs of the project is to develop (I) new techniques on natural mountain herbal-flavored cheese (ii) protect and use traditional production methods , (iii) preserve small farm young women cheese producers and (iv) build innovative marketing techniques on traditional cheese  of urban areas by applying e-trade competency.

Due to the fact that project regions (not national but local means) are on a handicapped geography and limited living conditions with harsh climate, the young population tends to immigrate to metropolitans. The young population is in pursue of new employment opportunities which are far from their carrier experimental background. They tend to work for jobs without knowing their precious potential in their homelands to produce unattempted tastes by preserving the unique production techniques of cheese making and cultural heritage.

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